20 Unbelievable Things People Built Using Junk

Brighton Waste House

Built by more than 300 students, the Brighton Waste House is a public building that was created using waste from household and construction sites. Amongst the various materials used during its construction are DVD’s, clothing, VHS tapes, empty bottles and sheet metal.


Everyone dreams of having their own private rollercoaster and John Ivers has set out to do just that. Using metal recovered from scrapyards, the amateur engineer was able to build a ride that can reach speeds of 20 mph in his own back garden. Although it did take him more than 1,000 hours to complete the project.

Medieval Castle

Jim Bishop has been adding to his own private castle for almost 40 years. Using rocks from the surrounding areas, materials gathered from junkyards and second hand materials donated from people who no longer have any use for them, he has constructed a medieval fortress with towers that are over 250 feet tall.


A Nigerian physics students spent eight months building a working helicopter out of spare parts that he recovered from motorcycles, cars and other vehicles. The 30-foot craft has flown to a height of 7 feet and can produce 133 horsepower in total.