20 Unbelievable Items People Have Consumed


Apparently, over 3,500 Americans swallow batteries every single year. It is unclear whether or not this is intentional, though more than a few of those certainly have to be. If left within the stomach for lengthy periods of time, a battery’s acid can cause mercury poisoning within the body.


In an effort to lose weight, some people decide to try what is known as The Tapeworm Diet. The host basically ingests infected beef carcass followed by a tapeworm. The dieter will take medication after a specific period of time to kill the parasite, but not before they have lost some weight in the meantime.


While trying out a “special type of passionate kiss,” an elderly woman accidentally swallowed her lover’s dentures. She did not require surgery to have them removed, thankfully, but she probably learned her lesson pretty quickly.

Cockroach and a Fork

An Israeli woman, while cleaning her home, had a live cockroach jump down her throat. In an effort to remove said cockroach, the woman shoved a fork down her throat to remove it. She swallowed both. The fork had to be surgically removed, but the cockroach was digested successfully.