20 Unbelievable European Superstitions That Would Baffle You

Killing A Spider Is Bad Luck – Finland

Spiders might not be everyone’s favorite critter, but in Finland it pays to avoid to urge to kill the tiny critters. Killing a spider is said to lead to rain the next day and being battered by a notoriously wet and cold climate, Finnish people unsurprisingly don’t like to test their luck.

Throwing Broken Dishes Is A Sign Of Good Fortune – Denmark

A tradition commonly associated with the Greek, it turns out that plate throwing is popular elsewhere in Europe, too. Danish people save up their old plates and dishes specifically to throw on New Year’s Eve, wherein it is said to bring great fortune for the year to come.

Lending Salt Brings Bad Luck – The Netherlands

Whilst most of us would allow our neighbors a serving of salt if they were in need, in The Netherlands things are a little different. Lending salt to another person is said to bring bad luck to the lender, so if you find yourself lacking salt in The Netherlands, you’re on your own!

Whistling Brings Good Luck And Girlfriends – Belgium

Spotting single men in Belgium is easier than in most places. Whistling is said not only to be a harbinger of good luck but also, to attract a girlfriend. Unsurprisingly, Belgian men like to try their chances.