20 Turtles Pictures That Will Make You Laugh With Joy

Seeing Double

What is the only thing in the world better than having a happy little swimming and laughing turtle? Having two happy little swimming and laughing turtles!

Oh, Garsh!

One of the reasons people love having dogs so much is that they are so happy to see their owners when they come home after a long day. From that reasoning, people should own a lot more turtles, especially since you don’t have to take them for walks.

Real Chia Pet

Women everywhere use all sorts of methods to get the best looking hair, from extensions and wigs to Rogaine and hair dye. It must be great to be a turtle – just let it grow and don’t ever touch it again. Algae is the best.

Roughing It

Walking on asphalt is tough enough when you are a grown human being, but what about when you’re a newly hatched turtle the size of a quarter? The next time you feel like life is too hard, just remember how hard this tiny dude has it and how cute he still makes it look.