20 Times We Saw a Little Too Much of Kate Middleton

When She Split From William

Nothing like a break-up to want to get out there and feeling beautiful again. Unfortunately, back in 2007, she probably got the Queen’s disapproval for showing this much leg, but ultimately she did win the Prince back, so maybe all that flesh was good for something!

Lots of Glamour, Lots of Leg

Kate showed up to the Place2Be charity function in November 2013 looking stunning in her all-black ensemble, but when she crouched down to speak to one of the little girls, her thigh popped out to say hello as well. Lucky for her, she has great pins!

Queen’s Jubilee

Here the beautiful Kate attends the Queen’s Jubilee. Her suit is super sharp, but one wonders what the Queen must have thought. There’s a whole lot of leg showing. A whole lot.

Polka Dots and Thighs

Anyone getting the feeling that wind is not this woman’s friend? Here she is, adorable in a Topshop maternity dress, at a wedding. And whoops, there goes the dress… again!