20 Times That Nicolas Cage Was Weirder Than You

He Was Bailed Out By A Bounty Hunter

Nicolas Cage isn’t as clean cut as we would like to think and over the course of his career, has been jailed more than once. In one instance, he was bailed out of prison by reality star Dog the Bounty Hunter. We don’t know why and we don’t want to ask.

He Bought A $270,000 Dinosaur Skull

Proving that maybe you can have too much money, Cage was reported to be in a bidding war with fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio for the ownership of a dinosaur skull. Cage’s $270,000 bid paid out and won him the 67 million year old bones.

He Was Stalked By A Mime

When you’re famous, you pick up your fair share of stalkers. A little more unusual than most, Cage was stalked by a mime artist, proving that he really does attract the strangest fans.

He Bought An Octopus For $500,000

Adding to his ridiculously priced animal collection, the actor reportedly spent half a million dollars on an octopus. Weirder still, Cage said that he bought the animal in order to help his acting, although no-one really knows in what way.