20 Struggles Every College Student Has Dealt With

Pulling an All Nighter

Every college student has pulled an all nighter at least once. Trying to stay up all night cramming test information into your brain is exhausting.

Getting Drunk For the First Time

College is all about experience. Having your first drink and another, and another that eventually led to you getting drunk will always be an experience. You will definitely remember getting drunk thanks to that hangover the next morning.

Choosing a Major

Going to college is all about deciding what kind of career you’d like to have. If you’re unsure when you first start, choosing a major could be hard. You’ll eventually have to figure things out to make sure you don’t waste four years of your life.

Student Loan Debt

Going to college probably means you have to take out student loans to pay for tuition. Many college students are forced to deal with all of the student loan debt once they leave college, even if they don’t graduate.