20 Shocking Statistics That Will Make You Worry About Our Planet

Oil Dependent

Our current rate of dependency on one solitary resource, oil, has reached dangerous levels. We currently consume nine barrels of oil for every barrel we produce.

Working Class Heroes

There are over 2.2 billion children in the world at this point. Over a billion of these children are suffering from poverty and are being forced to work from a very young age.

Solving World Hunger

Solving major problems in our world is not as complicated as we expect. It only involves better allocation of our energy, time and resources. You would think it would take something drastic to solve the world’s hunger and sanitation problems, but in reality it just takes less perfume. That’s right! It would take only 13 billion dollars annually to take care of the hunger and sanitary problems in our planet, an amount that goes into purchase of perfumes and colognes from American and European households each year.

War Or Education?

Providing quality education to every child in the world can form the bedrock of a better tomorrow. In 2000, we needed to spend only one percent of the defence budgets from all world governments in order to provide universal education. As you can clearly see, that choice was not made for some reason.