20 Shocking Real Stories That Became Horror Movies

The Mothman Prophecies

In The Mothman Prophecies, a number of sinister and deadly events were predicted by an unknown caller. Little did people know, however, that the film was based on a reporter’s real life experiences of linking together a number of strange and unexplained catastrophes.


Zodiac has gone down in film history as one of the most notorious serial killer movies of all time. The brutal murders and case history in the film were based on real events which took place in San Francisco, when local police were taunted by the cryptic clues of the so called Zodiac killer. Unlike in the movie, however, the real killer was never found.

From Hell

Jack the Ripper is one of the most infamous and widely studied murderers to ever have lived. In From Hell, the case was reopened and the search for the killer began again. Whilst we will never truly know the identity of the man, the hunt for the killer is still the stuff of great movies and it’s unlikely that it will ever go out of fashion.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Whilst the tale of a dead man who murders children in their sleep is a little hard to stomach, A Nightmare on Elm Street was actually loosely based on real life events. Taking cues from an LA Times article, writer-director Wes Craven has spoken before of a story about a group of immigrants who all died together whilst experiencing some sort of group nightmare.