20 Shocking And Inappropriate Toys Created For Children

Kabba Kick

In Japan, there’s this toy called Kabba Kick. It works by putting the toy gun to the head and pulling the trigger, after which a pink hippo’s feet would pop and kick — kind of like a Russian Roulette. And that’s suicide 101 for your children.

Pole Dance Doll

This is an oldie but goodie! Pole dancing can be fun and sexy, but for adults. For kids, it’s definitely something controversial. If this was a part of a toy collection that runs along these lines, you might stumble upon a macho pimp and prostitute doll in the Kids’ Toys department, too.

Shape Shifter Punisher

The Shape Shifter Punisher toy looks cool until it casts its wrath on its enemy and pulls a machine gun from his crotch.

STD Plush Toys

Maybe it has something to do with Science but the STD Plush toys went overboard and made it a little too dirty for the kids to enjoy. They do need to know about STDs to protect them but not when they are 4 or even 10 years old! Worse, the toy company made it look fun.