20 Reboots That Should Have Never Been Made

Clash Of The Titans

The 1981 version of ‘Clash Of The Titans’ was responsible for making Greek mythology a part of popular culture. The only addition the 2010 version made was forcing the users to wear uncomfortable 3D glasses to watch a bad action film.

The Wicker Man

When ‘The Wicker Man’ first came out in 1973, it was considered a masterpiece. It was even called the ‘Citizen Kane’ of horror films. The 2006 version became just another film in the long line of questionable films starring Nicholas Cage.

Charlie’s Angels

The original television series was fun, action-packed and featured three tough-as-nails women tearing down baddies and looking good while doing so. The film reboot was as far as this series should have gone, but the ever-expanding greed of studios gave us a third edition which was as watered down as a prison soup.


This Hitchcock-masterpiece reboot starred Vince Vaughn for some reason and couldn’t even hold a candle to the intensity and suspense of the original. ‘Bates Motel’ is a television series that acts as a sequel to ‘Psycho’ and makes for a far better viewing than the 1998 reboot.