20 Reasons To Believe We Are Living In A Dystopia

Degradation Of The Environment

Global temperatures have been rising rapidly year after year but most people are still refusing to buy into the supposed ‘myth’ of global warming. Maybe people are just waiting to see a penguin swim by their house in order to believe that the poles are in serious danger.

Reliance On Technology

We are heading into one of those dystopias where technology plays a major role in the evolution of our species. Just last year, an experiment conducted between France and India using EEG technology, allowed one person to transmit their thoughts directly into another person’s brain. It is incredible that we are heading towards such amazing technological advancements when our basic problems such as hunger and unemployment are yet to be resolved.

Trapping The Middle Class

The only segment of people who are in any position to influence the growth of the world in a positive direction are the middle class. This why concepts such as ‘commodification’ and ‘The American dream’ are concocted every so often in order to keep the vital class distracted and prevent them from undertaking anything relevant.

Overwhelming Corruption

Being corrupt is not a political problem or a social one. It is in fact a problem that has seeped into our very core as human beings. Our nature as a civilization is on the move and it looks like we are moving towards the edge of a cliff.