20 Plane Crashes That Left Us Bewildered

Swissair Flight 111

September 2nd, 1998 – Swissair Flight 111 left from New York and was headed to Geneva when it crashed off the coast of Nova Scotia. The cause was said to be a rapid cockpit fire. Sadly, 229 people died in the crash.

TWA Flight 800

Trans World Airlines Flight 800 ended up exploding and crashing into the Atlantic Ocean following its takeoff from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Paris. A short circuit is reportedly the cause for the 230 who died in the crash.

Garuda Indonesia Flight 152

September 26th, 1997 – Indonesian Flight 142 crashed into a mountain ravine shortly before it was supposed to land thanks to a miscommunication between the pilot and the tower. Sadly, 234 died in the crash.

1996 Air Africa

January 8th, 1996 – An Air Africa flight from Kinshasa to Kahemba in the Democratic Republic of the Congo went past the runway and straight into a marketplace. Six Russian crew members survived, but 237 civilians on the ground in the market perished.