20 Photos From The Past Show Us That Times Have Definitely Changed

Put On Your Shades

The future is so bright for these babies that they had to wear shades! In actuality, this is how they used to shine the UV lights on the babies back in 1927. Thankfully, we have advanced in the medical field and made this unnecessary.

Wax Museum

Yes, that is a photo of a wax museum back in the day. How creepy was this artist? As creepy as it is, those people are still done very well, but we don’t think the heads on the ground are necessary and just scary!

Not The Miss USA Pageant

This was the “Miss Lovely Eyes” beauty contest and it was based solely on who had the prettiest eyes. To make sure nothing else factored into the decision, they had to put those hideous masks on!

Not Monopoly Money

No, that is not game money that these kids are playing with. That is actual money after WWI ended and the money lost all of it’s value due to hyperinflation. The money is worth nothing, so let the kids play with it!