20 People Who Successfully Escaped From Jail

Alfred Wetzler

Wetzler’s is one of the few prison break stories that one can be happy about, as he escaped from Auschwitz (a Nazi concentration camp). He and a friend hid in hollowed out wood and they used Russian tobacco to keep the dogs from catching their scent. They snuck out of the camp using Dutch uniforms.

Lucien Rivard

Rivard was detained in a prison in Quebec, Canada. He managed to escape with another prisoner using a garden hose to scale the wall. How did they get the garden hose, you may wonder? Well – they had asked to use it to fill the prison skating rink. (Why would they even want to leave?)

Donald Kelly

Kelly was put away for murder in the 1970’s, and he escaped when he stole a gun from a guard. He went on the run, was eventually found, and shot. He did not die there, but he did die behind bars.

Frank Abagnale

Abagnale was a con-man. While he was in jail, he worked with a friend to convince guards that he was actually an undercover inspector. His friend helped to produce cards and permits that made the rouse believable. The guards just let him out.