20 People Who Seemed to Be Invincible

Leon Trotsky

The staunch Marxist was exiled from Russia in 1929 and eventually ended up living in Mexico. During that time, Stalin sent an assassin to kill Trotsky. The would-be killer sunk an axe into Trotsky’s skull – afterwards he stood up and subdued his attacker until his bodyguards showed up. A whole day passed before he died.

Lachhiman Garung

During World War II, Lachhiman Garung was a soldier in the British-Indian Army. Defending a trench against the Japanese, he caught and returned two grenades, but a third lost him his arm. He spent the next four hours killing off soldiers one by one – when he was found he was complaining about the flies swarming around his arm stump, 31 dead bodies laying at his feet.

Mauro Prosperi

The Italian pentathlete was running a marathon across the Sahara desert when he got off course during a sandstorm. He was lost for 10 days and wandered 186 miles before he was found – he survived by eating bats and snakes and drinking hid own urine.

Keith Caldwell

Keith Caldwell was a fighter pilot during World War I whose plane started into a flat spin after colliding with another plane during a dog fight. To steady the plane, he climbed out on to the wing and stopped the spin, continuing to fly the plane from that position. When he found friendly territory, eh flew the plane low enough to jump safely to the ground before letting the aircraft crash.