20 People Having A Worse Day Than You

Hope That Isn’t Permanent

This tattoo sure looks permanent. The skin around the letters is all red and swollen like you’d expect from a real tattoo. Whoever got this will at least have a funny story to tell when they are 80-years-old.

He Was Just Trying To Jump The Fence.

We’ve all been there. You want to jaywalk across the street, but there is some barrier there. No problem, just climb over it, right? That reasoning led to the most embarrassing day of this man’s life.

Note Where The Latch To The Fuel Tank Is Located

It would suck to get gas all over the side of your car. Hopefully, she isn’t pressing the handle to pump the gas. It seems as if she may be too busy posing for her picture to press the handle or care where the latch is located.

And You Think You’ve Had A Bad Day

There must be a story here, too. And not all of the cactus is attached to this guy’s clothes. He has plenty on his skin, too. Notice the EMTs in the background. How they are going to get him into the ambulance?