20 Outstanding Photographs That Won Awards In 2014

End Of The World

This photograph was aptly named ‘End of the world’ because it was captured at the ‘End of the world’ swing in Banos, Ecuador. You can see the erupting Mt Tungurahua in the background, which is why everyone in the area had to evacuate immediately after the picture was taking due to a swiftly approaching ash cloud.

Foggy Small Town

This beautiful panoramic image was captured in a small town in the Czech Republic. It won the Merit prize in the 2014 National Geographic Travelers Photo Contest and was captured by Duowen Chen.

Divine Makeover

This beautiful image was taken during the Mayana Soora Thiruvizha festival in India. The child in the picture is being given makeover that pays tribute to the mighty deity Angalamman who is worshiped during this festival. It was taken by photographer Mahesh Balasubramanian.

A Well Earned Rest In The Sahara

This great photograph was taken on top of the biggest dune in the Tadrat region of the Sahara Desert. You can see the guide taking a quick nap on top of the dune along with a distant view of the surrounding region in the background.