20 Outlandish, Daring And Era Defining Celebrities

Robin Thicke

Famous, or infamous, for the song and video he recorded, there are no “blurred lines” about the fact he’s something of a “bad boy.” Which, depending on what kind of person you are, could either be a good thing or a bad thing. Some of us, however, look on with “bemused-Jedi” expressions on our faces, shrug, and say “Whatever, man.”

Jim Carrey

Best known for his “Ace Ventura” and “Mask” movies, Jim Carrey has managed to both shock—and make people laugh—with his extremely potent brand of physical and verbal humor. Some parents forbade their children to watch Carrey’s movies, but then, it is also possible those parents were just way too narrow-minded.

Robin Williams

Listing Robin Williams is a no-brainer. True, he’s gone from this physical plane, but he definitely used humor to shock us out of our bad moods. Imagine coming home after a really crappy day, popping a Robin Williams standup routine in the DVD player and within five minutes, your sides are aching and happy tears are rolling down your face because you can’t stop laughing. You forget that you were ever in a bad mood at all, or even the reason why you were in that bad mood.

Tom Cruise

Tom has become something of a dubiously shocking legend of late, owing to his rather fanatical participance in the uber-weird “religion” called Scientology and that somewhat disturbing scene on the Oprah Winfrey show where he jumped up and down on her couch. Contrast that with his split with Katie Holmes, and you begin to wonder why he has one effect on women (he’s handsome), and then he turns around and has another effect on them (he’s fanatical about Scientology and controlling about it, to boot). You’d think he’d draw some pretty potent clues about this whole thing, wouldn’t you?