20 Of The World’s Weirdest Phobias


Contemporary generations can probably relate to this phobia more than others. Having nomophobia is to be genuinely terrified of being without your cell phone, or without service. According to researchers in the UK, a massive 50% of the population have the phobia.


Most of the world could think of nothing better than sleeping past their alarms and having a long lie in. For sufferers of somniphobia, however, there could be nothing worse; they have an irrational fear of falling asleep, associating the act with death.


Nature walks are some of the most calming and enjoyable ways we can spend our weekend. For hylophobia sufferers, however, there is nothing worse. To suffer from this phobia is to be utterly scared of trees and even thinking about woodland areas can trigger an anxiety attack.


Most of us know the perils of falling in love and having your heart broken and unfortunately, this kind of pain is simply a way of life. Philophobia sufferers are not so resigned to heartbreak, however, as they have a genuine fear of love and relationships.