20 Of The World’s Strangest Rental Homes

Who doesn’t want to stay in a castle?

Everyone on the planet probably wanted to live in a castle when they were about 7-years-old. Now, you can indulge that inner child by staying in a castle. Many house rental groups have castle or castle look-a-likes on their listings.

For Your Inner Hobbit

You can imagine you’re Frodo Baggins while you’re on vacation in this unique rental home built into a hill.

James And The Giant Peach

And while we’re alluding to classic books, this rental can’t help but remind you of James and the Giant Peach. This globular house would be unique on the ground, but it looks positively fruit-like hanging in a tree.

What Is This?

It’s pretty, but what is it? They all it the Onion House. With that design, plants, and pool, it looks like a tropical paradise.