20 Of The World’s Most Treacherous Roads

Trans-Sahara Highway

Passing through several different countries in both North Africa and West Africa, the Trans-Sahara Highway is a 4,500 km road that poses plenty of risk. Not only is the route mostly through a desert with few facilities for food and fuel but it also goes through countries where civil war, terrorism and unrest are frequent occurrences. Any travelers will also have to deal with scorching heat and possible sandstorms that make visibility impossible.

Passage de Gois

At first glance it is difficult to see why the Passage de Gois is considered a treacherous road at all. It is well maintained, wide enough for all types of vehicles and exactly the type of lane you would expect to find in France. However, it frequently becomes submerged in more than a meter of sea water when the tide comes in, leaving those who have mixed up the tidal time with the possibility of being stranded in the middle of the sea.

Karakoram Highway

Located in Pakistan, the Karakoram Highway links up the country with Sinkiang Ugihur in China. It crosses over the Himalayas and reached altitudes of 4,700 meters, making it one of the highest paved roads in the world. With sheer drops a constant threat and narrow road that leave very little room for error, it is a true test of a driver’s skill.

Halsema Highway

Faced with the choice, the vast majority of people would choose not to travel on the Halsema Highway. Unfortunately, it is the only way to get to a popular tourist destination, meaning many buses travel along the route everyday as hordes of holidaymakers attempt to make the journey without realizing the threat it poses. With such a thin surface and frequent landslides it is the site of several deaths every year.