20 Of The Wildest Baseball Stadium Snacks

Churro Dog

The Arizona Diamondbacks have introduced a Churro Dog this season, which is a cinnamon churro on a Long John chocolate-glazed donut. This is topped by frozen yogurt, caramel and chocolate sauces and some whipped cream. This will help cool you down in Arizona while watching the game!


This is a favorite of Texas Rangers’ outfielder David Murphy, hence the name. It is 24 inches of shredded cheese, pico de gallo, beef brisket and more in a quesadilla; all on a bed of Doritos. They had us at 24 inches!

4-Pound Burger

The Tampa Bay Rays offer this four-pound burger, but with a twist! If you can finish the burger and a pound of fries that come with it, then you win two season tickets and a t-shirt. Sounds fun, but not many have been able to complete the task.

Mac Bat

You can also grab this Mac Bat at a Tampa Bay Rays game, which is a cone filled with mac and cheese! Top it off with bacon, chili or tomatoes and you’ll be a hit among the crowd.