20 Of The Weirdest, Strangest, And Most Shocking Board Games Ever Made

Big Funeral (1964)

Like funerals? This is the game for you. You can plan elaborate funerals and throw parties and try to get more hearses and tombstones than the other players.

Don’t Wake Daddy 91992)

This game offers children a way to learn how to be sneaky, and how to fear the reaction of their dad when they accidentally wake up the beast!

Post Office (1968)

This game really has nothing to do with the Post Office, so don’t let the name fool you. Instead, you have to do strange things, like whistle a song or eat a chip.

Gay Monopoly (1983)

While this may seem like a good idea, it’s actually an incredibly offensive game. Why? Instead of hotels and motels it has bars and bathhouses. The properties are called “gay locales” and the player tokens are a jeep, handcuffs, teddy bear, stiletto heel, blow drier, or a leather cap.