20 Of The Weirdest Fighting Game Characters Ever


Just because Blanka isn’t on this list doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other Street Fighter candidates. As one of the Four Heavenly Kings, Vega’s clearly an opponent no one should ever cross — which would make a lot more sense if not for his actual character. Put simply, he’s a Spanish clog-wearing ninja who screeches and yodels whenever he gets the chance; as if that wasn’t bad enough, his motivations are on shaky ground. Even if he’s out to cause trouble for others, stepping into the ring means putting his body at risk — and as the franchise’s premiere narcissist, he can’t afford to have a hair punched out of line.

Phoenix Wright

Dedicated fans may know Mr. Wright as the hot-blooded lawyer from the Ace Attorney series — and as such, they know that he’s barely thrown a single punch across a good half dozen games. What he’s doing in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 — a game that pits him against the likes of the Avengers — is anyone’s guess, but he can still give them a rough time; his “attacks” have him sneezing and shoving papers into his enemies’ faces, and scraping the ground for evidence. If he finds enough of it and lands an impassioned shout, he’ll gain the power to fire off massive fingers from — what else — his finger. It won’t save him from being declared the worst in the game, but it’s a miracle he can even hurt someone like Wolverine.