20 Of The Ugliest Animals On Earth

Chinese Crested Hairless Dog

Dogs are one of the most common household pets, alongside felines, but the Chinese Crested Hairless Dog is rather ugly, to be honest. Some people will pride themselves on owning this particular canine, but other people may want to avoid petting it. The leathery skin may be rather gross.

Fruit Fly

Flies have never been considered a cute animal by any standards, but the Fruit Fly stands a cut above the rest of the species. These little atrocities manage to get into every crack and crevice within your home, seeping into the kitchen from seemingly nowhere.

Mexican Burrowing Toad

The Mexican Burrowing Toad grows up to 8 cm (3.15 inches) in length, and generally has red spots around its enlarged body. A red stripe down the center of the back is usually prominent, too. With short legs and a pointed head, this particular toad would be a surprise to come across in the dirt.

Vampire Bat

Bats are generally terrifying, especially when they manage to find their way into your home late at night. However, the idea of the Vampire Bat, which has a lot of mythological lore surrounding it, makes it a little more scary than the normal variety flapping around at night. Don’t fall asleep with this one in your house. It doesn’t need an invitation to get in.