20 Of The Strangest Things Found Under The Sea

The Ghost Fleet

This discovery was more sad and eerie than anything. In 1944, the Allied powers bombed Chuuk Lagoon, destroying over 300 aircraft and boats. 20 years later, divers investigated the site, and found many vehicles with skeletons still trapped inside.

F4U Corsair

This aircraft was made for battle, but this particular one crashed due to a fuel shortage. Luckily no one was harmed!

Manganese Balls

These are a strange occurrence, to say the least. It is a natural phenomena, and no one knows how they happen, but they are found in every ocean. Some grow just a few millimeters, and some grow to be the size of grapefruits.

SS President Coolidge

This ship sank in the Pacific Ocean after hitting some underwater mines. Before it was used during war, it was a beautiful ship used for vacationers. The left behind wreckage is haunting.