20 Of The Strangest Named Towns In The United States

Chicken, Alaska

Another city with another witty story as to how it got its name. In 1902, the city post office was established and the town was desperate for a name. The people living in the area couldn’t decide on the spelling of the word “ptarmigan”, so they went with “chicken”.

Experiment, Georgia

This town’s name isn’t quite as weird once you know the details of it. It was actually named after the University of Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station, which is located in this area.

Truth Or Consequences, New Mexico

This town is a popular destination for many people as a spa area. Originally named Hot Springs, the name of the town was changed to Truth Or Consequences after a radio contest for a show of the same name.

Two Egg, Florida

The official reason behind the name of this town isn’t known. It is believed to be due to the Great Depression, when this area was a depot for egg trading.