20 Of The Most Terrifying Volcanoes Around The World

Soufrière Hills Volcano

This particular volcano erupted twenty years ago, in July of 1995, causing half of the population of the small Caribbean island to abandon their homes and their land in favor of something a little tamer.

Galeras Volcano

Several scientists and tourists were curious about the Galeras Volcano in Columbia when it unfortunately erupted in 1993. Everyone on the mountain was killed by the eruption.

Mount Bromo

Within Indonesia lies Mount Bromo, a white-smoke spewing volcano that is also one of the most visited locations on the island of Java. The volcano is still active, though, so tourists should be wary of an eruption.

Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most visited locations within Africa, and also the highest peak in the continent. Mountaineers and adventurers alike visit this spot, which makes a possible eruption quite scary.