20 Of The Most Significant People In History

Queen Victoria

One of the longest ruling monarchs in history, Queen Victoria of Great Britain ruled from 1837 until her death in 1901, inheriting the throne at 18 following the death of her father, Prince Edward. Her rule, which spanned 63 years, was known as the Victorian era for her influence in national and global affairs.

Julius Caesar

Is it any wonder that Julius Caesar found his way onto our list in the number 15 spot? Ruling as the Roman Republic’s dictator from 49 BC to 44 BC, a relatively short time, Caesar nevertheless made his mark on history. Due to his success as a military leader, which expanded the Roman Empire as far north as Great Britain, he was able to consolidate his power and declare himself Emperor – that is until he was betrayed by the Roman Senate.

Karl Marx

The world would truly be a different place had Karl Marx never written his Communist Manifesto. A philosopher, economist and, eventually, revolutionary socialist, Karl Marx advocated for the communal ownership of the means of production. His philosophy influenced numerous countries, including the Soviet Union, and fueled one of the great political discords of the 20th century.

Elizabeth I of England

Known as the “Virgin Queen” Elizabeth never married or bore children, thus making her the last of the Tudors to rule England. Despite this fact, Elizabeth will always be remembered for her strength as a leader and the heights England reached under her rule.