20 Of The Most Hilarious Cosplay Costumes Ever

Is That Tape Man?

Iron Man wore a suit made out of iron, not cloth and tape. And that face mask? Oh my! This Iron Man won’t be protecting anyone with that outfit.

Sure To Frighten Children

If this is what Spongebob really looked like it wouldn’t have even made it off the drawing board. Instead of children loving him — they’d all be having nightmares.

Not So Sexy Batgirl

A lot of men and women use comic con as an excuse to parade around half naked. More power to them. However, this look is just tacky. Where’s the creative costume idea here? Does she wear that Batman mask to the beach too?

Too Old To Choose Pikachu

At a certain age your heroes should be real live action heroes, like Batman or Thor, not children’s characters. Save the Pikachu costumes for the little ones.