20 Of The Greatest Advertisements Of All Time

Honda – The Cog

‘The Cog’ by Honda reminds us exactly how brilliant advertising can be when done right, and all it took was every fragment of one of their cars and 2 minutes of perfect synchronization.

Dove – Evolution

Dove has always taken a strong stance when it comes to the notion of beauty. Their commentary about our perception of the idea lead to the creation of this very powerful video campaign.

Budweiser – Puppy Love

Budweiser has probably created just as many successful Super bowl ads as any other brand in the world. Their ‘Puppy Love’ spot remains the most vibrant and memorable of them all.

Blendtec – Will It Blend

The problem with most companies is that they take themselves too seriously. Blendtec’s ‘Will it blend’ campaign showed us just how fun advertisements can be if you are willing to play around with the norm.