20 Of The Dumbest Song Lyrics Of All Time

Human – The Killers

‘I’m down on my knees,

Searching for the answer…

Are we human or are we dancer?’

Beautiful melody, awesome band, great song… but no one really knows what they meant about the lyric ‘are we human or are we dancer’?

I Love New York – Madonna

‘I don’t like cities

But I like New York

Other places make me feel like a dork’

Pop songs are notorious for having cringe-worthy lyrics, even the queen of pop, Madonna, has her share of awful lyrics as well. One of them is ‘I Love New York’, where the lyricist made a lame attempt at rhyming. Think ‘mad’ with ‘sad’, and ‘New York’ with ‘dork’. Groan.

TKO – Justin Timberlake

‘She killed me with that coochie coochie coo’

This has got to be the unsexiest and funniest way to describe sex. And to think this came from someone like JT!

Kiss that Frog – Peter Gabriel

‘Let me introduce his frogness

You alone can get him singing

He’s all puffed up, wanna be your king

Oh, you can do it

C’mon lady, kiss that frog’

Using metaphors can be very tricky, but this one has got to be among the most unappealing way to compare his d*ck to a frog. And Peter Gabriel had to start it with introducing ‘his frogness’, completing it with a horrifying music video that gave us nightmares for days.