20 Of The Craziest McDonald’s Menu Items In The World

Pineapple Pie

Here in America,we have Apple Pies at McDonald’s. In Thailand, they have Pineapple Pie! Sounds good to us!

Desayuno Especial Mexicano

Looking for a Mexican twist on a McDonald’s breakfast? This dish features Mexican scrambled eggs, sausage and McMolletes, alongside English muffins topped with refried beans, cheese and salsa. We’re heading to Mexico City right now…

Pao de Queijo

This one sounds suspiciously like Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits, but we’ll roll with it. Essentially it’s a traditional cheese and dough Brazilian roll.

The Belgian

Want to sell a fast food sandwich in a foreign country? Just name it after the country you’re targeting! This burger is covered in cheese, bacon, salad, grilled onions and a cocktail sauce.