20 Most Ridiculously Expensive Items Sold Through eBay

Shoeless Joe’s Baseball Bat

There are few baseball players from long ago that people can namedrop today. Shoeless Joe Jackson happens to be one of those iconic players from the early 20th century. Joe Jackson was known for tossing out his shoes during a game in South Carolina and also being a part of the 1919 World Series scandal. In 2001, his baseball bat known as ‘Black Betsy’ was sold on eBay for a total of $577,610.

Ferrari Enzo

I don’t think anyone would complain if they happened to be an owner of a Ferrari but those with some seriously deep pockets may fight tooth and nail for a Ferrari Enzo. Only 399 of Ferrari Enzo’s were made and in 2004 one was listed on eBay. The winning bid hit $1 million making it not only a very expensive car, but one of the few cases that an Enzo went up for sale.

Navy F/A-18A Hornet

An F/A-18A Hornet which is a combat aircraft, managed to make its way on eBay through Mike Landa. This aircraft was disassembled for shipment but apparently someone didn’t mind, as they purchased the aircraft for $1.03 million.

Honus Wagner Baseball Card

It’s hard to believe a baseball card could reach over a million dollars, but the Honus Wagner baseball card fetched a price of $1.1 million. The card was in production during the early 20th century and featured in only cigarette packets. Wagner protested the cards and stopped production causing only 200 of these cards to get released.