20 Most Outrageous Purchases Around The World

If The Shoe Fits

Remember when Louboutins were considered pricey? No more after you hear what English rap star Tinie Tempeh paid for a pair of Nike Air MAG sneakers. A whooping $37,500. They were worth it though, being custom design and all. Who could refuse?

But What About When The New One Comes Out?

The Beckhams were sure to make the list of extravagant purchases. Do you remember when a new iPhone comes out, there’s an angel on one shoulder telling you to hold off until your contract ends so you can get it for free, and the devil on your other shoulder telling you to fork over your week’s income and get the dang phone? Victoria Beckham didn’t have that problem. She bought hers and had it custom made with 150 grams of 24 K gold. It only set her back $33,000, which is pocket change for a Beckham.

Still A Pigeon

Apparently, pigeon racing is popular in Asia and who knew that there is such a thing as a highly pedigreed pigeon. Not sure how they become pedigreed, but one Chinese billionaire fell for that and paid $200,000 for his. That sounds even more outrageous if you’ve spent 10 minutes in Manhattan and seen the plethora of them picking around the trash bins.

For Honor Roll?

Whatever happened to the days of buying your kid an ice cream for making good grades? That wasn’t enough of a gift for Sean “P Diddy” Combs. When his 17 year-old son made honor roll, Combs bought him a limousine. And not just your average limo either — he got a $390,000 one.