20 Most Haunted Places Around The Globe


The famous Mt. Fuji site earned its reputation as the ‘Suicide Mountain of Japan.’ Stories of suicides are certainly enough to make the forest one of the most haunted places on Earth.

Edinburgh Castle

Within the most haunted places in Europe, Edinburgh, lies one of the most haunted places in Scotland. The Edinburgh Castle rests atop Castle Rock. The place is enveloped by cliffs and terror starting from the Castle’s dungeons down to the tunnels. Ghost sightings and other paranormal activities have been reported, and many assume that these are apparitions of prisoners tortured in the Castle back in the 17th century onwards.

Ancient Ram Inn

The Ancient Ram Inn is said to be the most haunted B&B in England that some guests would jump out of the window or run away in the middle of the night to escape its terror. The place was built on a pagan cemetery. The ghosts of these dead ancestors manifests as unseen forces that unsettles guests.

Lawang Sewu

This old building in Indonesia is believed to be haunted. One of the guests reported a ghost sighting of a woman with bloody face. During the early 1900’s in the time of Japanese occupation, this building became a camp where prisoners were tortured and killed.