20 Moments That Having A Resting Nice Face Is A Bad Thing

You’re An Easy Target For Scammers

You just might as well have the word “gullible” written on your forehead. The scammers try to sell you tickets to the hottest concert in town, promising they are the best seats and that’s why they are so expensive.

People Approach You On Public Transportation

People can’t stop talking to you on the subway or taking a nap on your shoulder. Let’s just hope they wore deodorant.

Men Think You Are Inviting Them To Stare

Where would we be without technology? Sure makes it easier to say, “Take a picture, it lasts longer!” Meanwhile, in your head, you’re saying “Quit creeping, and keep on walking!”

Your Hairdresser Is Willing To Take Advantage Of You

You look so nice that your hairdresser thinks she can use you as her guinea pig. If you’re not up for that new hairdo she’s been dying to try, you better make it crystal clear about what you want.