20 Mind Blowing Inventions You Wish You Owned

Two-Way Toothpaste

Thanks to Dominic Wilcox’ two way toothpaste now you can squeeze from the top or bottom. The best part? Not one ounce of toothpaste will be wasted!

Suitcase Scooter

Farmer-turned-inventor, He Liangcai from China came up with the brilliant idea to create a suitcase scooter.

The speedy luggage can go up to 20km per hour. It has a 6 hour battery life and can be charged via a regular wall plug. But that’s not all, this suitcase scooter also has a burglar alarm, a horn and a GPS system.

Butter Stick

I applaud the person who decided to try and simplify the process of buttering bread.

Namely, Kenji Kawakami from Japan, who created this butter-stick which functions just like a glue stick!

Reusable Candle

This was developed by British designer Benjamin Shine, and is actually called the ‘Rekindle Candle.’ The pink candle is inserted onto a holder with a clear plastic tube below which collects the melted wax.

There is a hanging wick at the bottom of the tube and when the candle has been completely burned, the plastic tube casing can be removed and the wax turned upside down, producing a brand new candle.