20 Little-Known Facts About Disney Parks

Real Bones at Pirates of the Caribbean

Disney lore says the imagineers used real human bones for the Pirates of the Carribbean ride when it first opened in 1967. By now, all but one set of them have been replaced with synthetic props.

The skull and cross bones above the “magnifying glass” skeleton are reportedly the only real bones left in the attraction.

Blast From the Past

Fourteen of the twenty-three opening day attractions at Magic Kingdom are still running, including the Jungle Cruise, The Hall of Presidents, It’s a Small World, and the Haunted Mansion.

Hidden Mickeys

Throughout the parks, there are thousands of hidden Mickey Mouse heads subtly inserted into the designs of rides, attractions, and other locations. These so-called “hidden Mickeys” are placed there by Disney artists and imagineers, and some visitors spend their entire trip to the park seeking them out.


Ever noticed the scent of baking cookies around Main Street? Or the salty sea air in the Pirates of the Caribbean line? All throughout the parks, devices called “Smellitizers” pump out odors to add an extra sense of realism to the atmosphere.