20 Jobs That You Can Do From The Comfort Of Your Home

Virtual Juror

Attorneys are increasingly incorporating new technologies and tools to help them decide whether a legal case is viable. One of the most promising new ways that they do this is by enlisting the help of virtual jurors who are able to assess the facts and give tentative decisions based on what the attorney currently possess. This helps them to decide whether to proceed with a case and take it to court.

Give Opinions

Another interesting way to make money without leaving your home is to work for opinion websites. These services are for people to test products and view products before giving feedback or simply giving their opinions on new ideas. This allows companies to target their new products to new consumers and see whether consumers have positive feelings towards the things that they are due to release in the future.

Contract Drafter

Contract drafters are highly sought after and in demand professionals who are able to draft business deals and contracts into legally binding documents. Because they work almost exclusively with documents, the work can be done at home; giving those with the necessary experience, qualifications and knowledge of the industry the chance to offer their services without leaving their home.

City Guide Writer

Travel, tourism and real-estate businesses are often in need of well researched and quality guides about local areas. If you have in-depth knowledge of your surrounding towns and cities, you could be able to create guides detailing exactly what those places are like, running through the amenities, attractions, entertainment and public transport links while also giving information about the population or places like parks.