20 Hilarious Items Sold On Late-Night Television

Comfort Wipe

Sometimes you just really don’t want to wipe your own butt. Other times, however, you simply cannot reach. The Comfort Wipe is the simple tool to help wipe and get rid of the mess without any problems.

Pajama Jeans

Going outdoors never looked this classy! Combine the comfort of pajamas with the look and utility of jeans. These pants look like regular denim, but they feel just like soft pajamas.

Short Belt

Because belts are too trendy and hip at the moment. These people decided to shorten the belt, allowing it to use just two of the loops on your pants. It’s said to be more comfortable, too.

Slumber Mitt

You don’t need a second hand, really. Wear the Slumber Mitt on one hand, and then you can rest comfortable against hard surfaces. Obviously your mitt-wearing hand won’t get tired, though.