20 Hilarious Cigarette Ads That Will Shock You

Happy Mother’s Day

We just celebrated Mother’s Day, so did you get your mother a carton of cigarettes? If you didn’t, don’t forget to do it for Father’s Day coming up. They are truly perfect for any day!

Scientific Evidence

This ad is proving to us why cigarette smoking is not bad for you. So, how do you think this company feels about the advertisement now?

Fun At The Beach

They say that smoking is a pleasure, but they also think that playing a trombone on the beach is a pleasure too. We aren’t even focusing on the cigarettes when that guy is in the photo!

You’ll Both Like It

It seems like a perfect match to us, as she likes to read fortune cookies and he likes to eat them. They both win, right? While they differ on fortune cookies, they both like to smoke these cigarettes, so the perfect match continues!