20 Hilarious And Classic Pranks To Mix Things Up

The Collapsing Bed

It is preferred to do this one on a slot bed. Unhook all the connections so that when your friend sits or lies down, the bed collapses inward. When they fall down and get tangled in an unruly mass of sheets, blankets, and pillows, you can decide whether to help your victim out or not. And you can decide whether to help put the bed back together.


While your friend is sleeping find some flour (a lot or a little depending on your level of cruelty) and pour it on your friend. Some people prefer to actually hurl a fistful as if they were pitching a fastball in the MLB, others prefer to go stealth to get maximum yield of flour. Just plan ahead: if you use too much flour, you won’t have enough to make pancakes in the morning.

Bro, You Need a Diaper?

One of the most legendary pranks of all time! Get a pot of slightly warm water and place one of your sleeping friend’s hands in it. Restrain your laughter as years of potty training come undone. Bonus points: pull off the prank without waking your friend and then catch him in the morning with soiled panties. If properly executed, your crime will go undetected.

Ahhhh! Kill That Spider!

Find a fake spider, either a tiny plastic one or a big rubber one, and attach fishing string to it. Preferably, one should attach a hook to the ceiling right over a couch or over the chair in front of a computer. Run the fishing line through the hook, hide, and pull the fake spider all the way up to the ceiling. Wait for your friend to show up and lower the spider down at the opportune moment.