20 Hidden Secrets Of The Deep Blue Sea

The Great Barrier Reef – Australia

Arguably one of the most impressive natural wonders of the world, The Great Barrier Reef has long been a site of fascination for researchers. Stretching an incredible 1,400 miles, the reef is home to some of the most diverse sea life on the planet. Divers make their way to the spot each year, in the hopes of spotting some stunning tropical underwater life.

Zhemchug Canyon – Bering Sea

While we might me more familiar with the canyons that shoot up into the sky, there are a great deal more which lie beneath the surface of the ocean. The Zhemchug Canyon is big enough to fit the entire Grand Canyon inside, and can actually be seen from space. The underwater ravine is home to some of the most diverse wildlife on the planet, and is still being explored today.

The Yongala Shipwreck – Australia

Tragedies of the seas can turn into underwater marvels, given enough time. Just one of many around the world is the Yongala Shipwreck off the coast of Australia. Having sunk in 1911, the ship is now a popular spot for keen divers and researchers, and is home to a huge number of underwater species.

Deep Sea Vents – Ecuador

Scientists of the ocean’s deepest regions are just getting to grips with what lies beneath the surface and incredibly, are still discovering new life today. These hydrothermal vents off the Galapagos Islands were only discovered in 1977 and have been the subject of fascination ever since. Shooting out sea water at incredibly high speeds and temperatures, the vents are a rich source of nutrients, lying on the rift between two tectonic plates.