20 Great Storylines In Video Games

The Last Of Us

The Last Of Us is considered one of the greatest games ever created on the PlayStation 3. The gameplay is stellar from start to finish but what makes the game truly stand out is its realistic take on an apocalyptic world and the budding relationship between its two lead characters. Add to that some stunning visuals and a satisfying reward system and you have yourself an ‘all-time great’.

The Walking Dead

Most adaptations from film or television do not translate effectively into the realm of video games. The Walking Dead series is the exception that proves the rule. The gameplay is fairly intense but the game stands out purely based on the intense story line that does justice to the brilliant source material it borrows from. The characters and setting are completely new but you always have the sense that you are within the world of ‘The Walking Dead’.

Elder Scroll Skyrim

This game is widely considered to be one of the greatest open-world games ever created. The intense modification system in place allows you to morph your gaming experience to your liking but that is not the reason Elder Scrolls is as popular as it is right now. With over 200 hours of gameplay on offer and a world that is almost as realized as our own, players can easily lose themselves in the world of Skyrim, and that is the true potential of a great game.

Portal 2

Portal 2 does an excellent job playing off the success of the first game and taking the gimmick to the next level. The unique puzzle-based system makes the game engaging through and through but the game shines brightly mostly because of its humor and tight plotlines. Playing Portal can be a distinguished experience as you are made to laugh and think almost simultaneously.