20 Great Comedy Shows From The Past Decade

The Adventures Of Rick And Morty

This animated gem comes from the creator of ‘Community’ and has managed to captivate the imagination of many sci-fi/comedy fans within a single season. The show has received amazing critical acclaim and it thoroughly deserves every bit of it. Dark, funny, insightful and surprising, ‘The Adventures of Rick and Morty’ manages to perfectly highlight the strengths of animation as a medium.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver

Last week tonight is the perfect blend of information and entertainment, swinging rapidly from either side of the spectrum based on the issues being covered. The show has become an instant hit and has played a major role in highlighting some of the truly pressing issues of our time. The delivery by John Oliver himself is captivating and it is clear that he deeply cares about every topic the show boldly tackles.


Sterling Archer is one of the greatest spies in the world, but he is also a selfish, self-absorbed alcoholic with mommy issues. This premise has held up greatly over the six seasons so far, purely because the action and humor in ‘Archer’ is unparalleled. This show is a one-liner/zinger machine that will keep you hooked with the most absurd observations while everything around goes ‘Boom!’.

Parks And Recreation

Any mockumentary-based television series relies heavily on its casting to keep the show interesting and relevant. The recently concluded ‘Parks and Recreation’ nailed this part, which made the show an absolute thrill to watch from start to finish. With the likes of Amy Peohler, Aziz Ansari and Chris Pratt exercising their funny chops in a warm and delightful environment, it is no wonder that this show has developed into an absolute fan favorite.