20 Ghost Photos That Will Keep You Awake At Night

Robert A. Ferguson

This photo was taken on November 16, 1968. Here, Robert A. Ferguson, author of Psychic Telemetry: New Key to Health, Wealth and Perfect Living is giving a spiritual talk at a convention in Los Angeles. Ferguson claimed the ghost was his brother Walter, who had died during World War II. Some might claim the photo is an example of double-exposure, but the photo is actually a polaroid.

Manila Ghost Photo Bomb

Ahhh, you might think ghosts only appear in dilapidated buildings or secluded sections of forests, but this ghost just wants a piece of the night-life! This photo was taken in Manila, Philippines, with a digital camera, which rules out the possibility of double-exposure.

The Phantom Pilot

This is Mrs. Sayer at the Fleet Air Arm Station in Somerset, England, in 1987. The elder lady and her friends thought it would be fun to take a photo of her manning the cockpit of this old helicopter. She claims no one had been sitting next to her, but she did feel it was unusually cold when she sat in the cockpit.

Lord Combermere

This photo of the Combermere library was taken in 1891. The ghost’s torso, right arm, and head are easily seen, but the ghost seems to have lost its legs. It’s believed to be Lord Combermere, who was a cavalry officer. The creepy fact is that this photo was shot while his funeral was taking place about four miles away.