20 Funny And Strange Architectural Wonders

Haines Shoe House—Hallam, PA

Built in 1948 by a shoe salesman who wanted to make sure his shoes definitely got sold. It’s a two-bedroom place, and it’s been renovated over the years to keep it in shape, from heel to toe. But just imagine if a certain old woman with tons of kids moves in? The space is definitely going to be more than a bit cramped.

Shipping Container Home—Chile

Shipping container homes have been a growing trend in the desire to upcycle old things into new while protecting the environment. This house made out of a Caterpillar shipping container is no different. It’s quite Frank-Lloyd-Wright-like in its structure, and it’s likely he would approve.

Kunsthaus—Graz, Austria

Yes, it looks like a blob of something. But that’s how the architects designed the Kunsthaus (“Art-house” in German) in Graz, Austria, and yes, that’s what they actually called the style they used. They’ve also called it “The Friendly Alien,” and it’s definitely a stark contrast to all the “old-world”-style architecture that otherwise prevails in the area.

Lotus Temple— Dehli, India

This strange-yet-beautiful building is thought of to be one of the most architecturally complex buildings in the modern world. It certainly took a long time—10 years to be exact—for the temple to be completed. The work force alone totaled 800 people. But when it’s lit up at night, the sight is worth the time they took.