20 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Full House

Candace Cameron and Scott Weinger Went To Prom Together

Candace Cameron and Scott Weinger played on-again off-again love interests on ‘Full House.’ The two were such close friends that they even went to prom together.

Jodie Sweetin Didn’t Audition

‘Full House’ producers first saw Jodie on an episode of ‘Valerie’. The producers loved her so much that they wrote the character, Stephanie Tanner just for Jodie.

Producers Didn’t Want Viewers to Know the Olsens Were Twins

Producers of the show didn’t want viewers at home to know Michelle Tanner was being portrayed by twins. This is why the Olsen twins were credited as Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen in the opening credits.

Theme Composer Wrote Other Iconic Theme Songs

The ‘Full House’ theme song composer, Jesse Frederick wrote some of your other favorite theme songs. Alongside Bennett Salvay the duo composed the theme songs for ‘Step By Step’, ‘Family Matters’ and ‘Perfect Strangers’.